Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chortling American Show Goo 27

weapons and robot packs
rolling out community
in this weeks issue
every step of the
way review love
the most for the

very dominating your
drinking problem word
talking animals it’s pretty
good pile ohm around
everyone can’t hurt the

happy little change
white enough for you
my hair was shorter
at different times

read them every
day we take it
very seriously

Monday, August 15, 2011

Chortling American Show Goo 26

impregnate wood
little big hits stores
you get the bankrupts
experience wrinkle
face life period

traditional artist
effect apps the difference
in just one day
dramatic results
of the highest
quality beer

at the lowest
legal price
i don’t feel

like i’m shaving
you added a
fourth day not
feeling much for
chicks battling nazi’s

unsurpassed torque
not stopping here like me
like you we’re going
vertical huge
cinematic moments
the russians have
taken over manhatten

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chortling American Show Goo 25

something rad for a

camera just like your

favorite scene take

out the cartel let yourself

go even if your alone

best of all our

number did too

take on your world

new and exciting for

the franchise who are

our teammates

smooth talking ladies

man we don’t know

why we just need

to stop them seamless

gatling pretty suave

put your pants back

on we draw a card

fortify the pigs low

tech and acid reflux

inside the royal tour

intimate to the

hugeness of it all