Monday, June 27, 2011

Chortling American Show Goo 20

if he starts to move

i'm going after animal control

do things right

where the odor is

the strongest oh my god

becky isn't even hot breaking

down fast give the beaver

a new home

backyard infested with

snakes can jump right out

the hotline number

is smothering wreckage

straight answers preloaded

there's no discount for agreeing

with me natural male enhancement

off set your stupid power chair

will be paid for in full

what do our dead flowers

have in common or a guest

there was a man ship get

me out of here man ship

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chortling American Show Goo 19

ok tell me what happened two more

bodies over by the beer i got to

change my pants blasting away

holding hands paper or plastic both

end up firing two shots from the

master of all things hardwarian

people notice there was no way

to warn the cop a third strip of

bacon i think i need a lawyer with

rotten teeth a lone wolf or part

trade craft all speak to test driving

unsuccessfully thankfully when did

he become radicalized some of the

targeting rules people come to new york

wanting to kill new yorkers

Friday, June 17, 2011

Chortling American Show Goo 18

cross a wide swath get me the

bonus chair kitty keeps coming

back just like the union cash

in that moment in this

snapshot look forward to or

dreading on the ground big house

was not in the prompter that was

in my head a quarter of you yes

what we need to ruin it

through the dishwasher what

kind of system is afraid of his

wife will run for congress

pick up the phone america

is still the greatest

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chortling American Show Goo 17

the spin stops right here up or

way way back when he doesn't

believe in government about

somethings lots of clock left

on this thing will be got

hammered making it worst

making it better insider at

every glove box app shows

that just doesn't get it

rammed down people had

fat cats sneered from my cold

dead fiscal pancake lovers

unite is a hoax and husbands

gambling at atlantic city make

the most important conversations

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

from swarm

it was an ufo and it is my sincere desire to be respectful and many non-believers find something otherworldly about this place the actual fluidity a movement a fine skull to it so they can not identify the afterworld did you says the lines had something to do with water people walking completely wrong don't worry we've got something for you too although you can’t touch it or walk all over this half-mile giant on the plains of death of a ladies' man that phil spector produced in nineteen seventy seven that's right guys a girlfriend of mine got me into this